Yuri Elik
video artist, vj and photographer

Video artist and VJ whose activity covers a range from creating multimedia installations and performances (solo or as a member of Group 2012 and Project503) and video art works to active participation in St.Petersburg scene (and festivals in Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Hungary and USA) as a live visualist/VJ collaborating with a multitude of musicians and DJs from both St.Petersburg and all over the world who played noise, electronic, ethnic, rock, jazz and classical music. His visual style changes with music, but his favorite topic is colorful, texture-rich psychedelic improvisation, immersing viewer into total audiovisual experience.

Photographer since 1996. Main interest lies in abstract photography, favourite topics are rust, industrial landscapes, objects and textures.

Member of multimedia project 2012. Since its foundation in 1998 participated in all group's performances and authored most of the group's installations.

During the last several years combines work with 2012 with various solo projects, making video or slide shows for such misicians as Totalitarian Musical Sect, APosition Orchestra, Theodor Bastard, Brompton Cocktail, DaDaZu, Damo Suzuki (at SKIF-7), Zelany Rashoho, Noises of Russia, S.K.A. etc. Author of video show for the performance of Simon Magus ballet written by D.Kakhovskij (2003, performed in St.Petersburg and Berlin) .

Since 2002 develops techniques of preparing hand-painted slides.

These slides were used both in 2012 performances and installations and in solo projects (especially in collaboration with Totalitarian Musical Sect group where special technique of dynamic slide show was developed).

Here is an example of multiscreen slide installation

and another one:

Designed CD covers for groups 2012, Ole Lukkoye, Totalitarian Musical Sect. Cover design for CD with music for SImon Magus ballet got a prise from Index Design magazine. Created web sites for groups 2012, Ole Lukkoye, Vershki da Koreshki, Tribe of Cro.

In 2006 Yuri created Project503 together with musician Pavel Mikheev. Their FEED it BACK performance is dedicated to the exploration of feedback.

Photo exhibitions:



Selected collaborations / work as a VJ:

Video works:

In 2006 the full version of Voices of the Dead (24 min) was released by ZHELEZOBETON label, with City Spirits as a bonus track.

Voices of the Dead front Voices of the Dead back

Calls, whispers from the other side are recompiled in this very interesting film based on (E.V.P) Electronic Voice Phenomenom, which are voices from unknown origins and recorded through radio or electronic devices. This concept gave enough bases and ideas to Yuri elik & gosha solnzev to develop a very artistic visual/audile release with a lot subliminal shapes dressed with colours, and at moments showing some abstract faces and paranormal forms. Also the inclusion of visual effects creating an in deep paradigmatical reality through another dimension evoked by suggestive imagery and sounds with an excellent magickal result. The important point with Voices From The Dead is the way as each abstract image fits perfectly with the visual side exploring the subconscious levels which reacts through the different vortex of colors and at moments you can observe human faces shapes with a high dose of surrealism. The visual side was developed by Yuri Elik (A well known Russian artist) and audile side by Gosha Solnzev with the cooperation of Yuri Elik.both of them doing an excellent work due the well handle of visuals. Really this dvdr has important elements through 23:56 minutes. Also as bonus track you shall find City Spirit with 12:40 minutes in which Yuri Elik developed his photographic facet in the visual work. Mechanic and metallic devices pictured from different angles, expressing the diverse dead symmetries of abandoned cities and spirits inhabiting these desolated places. Is interesting to see the point, because ech picture give us and exact idea of the whole concept. Also you shall hear some great suggestive music on it. A voice from The Dead is an entrance to other planes of existence which could be feel through sounds and visual compositions here!!! (review by PANORAMA)