Yuri Elik
video artist, vj and photographer

projection installation on the object by Daria Kovaleva and Sergej Nebotov
Arteria Architectural Festival, Architectors House, Zelenogorsk

I participated in Arteria architecture festival mostly as a consultant and instructor, and didn't planned to make any installations there. However, I liked CONTINUUM installation by Sergej Nebotov and Daria Kovaleva so much that I couldn't miss the opportunity to make slide and video projections on it after official part was over. CONTINUUM complex form made very interesting projection surface. CONTINUUM won the first prize at the festival without any projections, but I think projections improved it even more.

There was one slide projector and four video projectors. I use hand-painted slides that I do myself, and for video projections I used loops made from my slides, plus some oil projection samples.