performances and installations

PRA-IMAGES (Alt-Gallery 103, Pushkinskaya 10 Art-center, St.Petersburg) 1998

FREAKUENCY MODULATION (Alt-Gallery 103, Pushkinskaya 10 Art-center, St.Petersburg) 1999

FREAKUENCY MODULATION (Solipse festival, Hungary) 1999

FORCES OF LIGHT (festival in Helsinki) 1999

SHADOWS OF SHADOWS (Museum of Dreams, St.Petersburg) 2000

RE_WIND (SKIF4 festival, St.Petersburg) 2000

TRANCEPARENCE (SKIF5 festival, St.Petersburg) 2001

SANTA CLAUSTROPHOBIA (Heilige Feuer II festival, St.Petersburg) 2001

RE_NATURE (SKIF6 festival, St.Petersburg) 2002

THIRD GARDEN (SKIF7 festival, St.Petersburg) 2003

WISP (Animation festival Multivision, St.Petersburg) 2003

GALLERY 91 (Alternative multimedia stage of SKIF8 festival, St.Petersburg) 2004

BUBBLE - collaboration with Amoeba Technology (SKIF9 and Diverse Universe festivals) 2005

slide installation (Diverse Universe festival, Helsinki) 2005

CONTACT WITH MICRO WORLD (Botanical Museum, St.Petersburg) 2005

Residency at the Experimental Television Center (Owego, NY, USA) 2006