Group 2012

Multimedia group 2012 (the name is the year when Mayan calendar ends) gathered in 1998 and debuted at the end of the same year with PRA-IMAGES installation at Alt-Gallery 103 on Pushkinskaya 10 Cultural Center. From the beginning the group was involved in creation of audiovisual spaces where visuals and sound are in permanent sophisticated interaction. To achieve this aim 2012 use noise, ambient and ethnic music, live audiomix, quadraphonic sound, multiple video, computer and slide projections, including projections on objects. In the process of collaboration participants of the project constantly experiment with adjacent media formats: video art, 3D computer graphics, hand-made slides made in various original techniques, experiments with noise music.

2012 persented performances and installations at a number of festivals: Solipse in Hungary (1999), Forces of Light (1999) and Diverse Universe (2005) in Finland, SKIF (2000-2005), Heilige Feuer II (2002), Return of World of Art (2003), festival of installations and performances in Manege (2004) and Multivision (2003, 2004) in St.Petersburg. As a part of SKIF festivals group 2012 made four installations in the Winter Garden of LDM. The group released 2 DVDs with video art and performances, and 8 musical CDs, their music was presented in several compilations. Video works were screened at festivals Outer Limit in New York (USA), Impresioes in San Paolo (Brasil) and Multivision in St.Petersburg, at California Slavic Colloquium in Los Angeles (USA) and international multimedia installation Ideagarden (USA). Groups' last projects were collaboration with American multimedia group Amoeba Technology at SKIF9 and in Finland, and interactive installation Contact with Micro World as a part of "Contemporary art in the traditional museum - 5" festival organised by Pro Arte Institute